Ways to live more simply


I recently read a blog post by Tyson Popplestone that resonated with me. It was about 30 ways to simplify your life. Whist I try to do many of these things, it’s a good reminder to come back to.

The ones I find particularly useful are:

  • Say ‘no’ sometimes.
  • Check email, Facebook and news once or twice a day. Not multiple times during the day, or as soon as I wake-up or before going to bed.
  • De-clutter – home and desk at work.
  • Establish routines – I’ve written about this before and how establishing something as  a routine means we don’t have to keep making a decision to do something. We’ve already made-up our mind in advance.
  • Live frugally – consider purchases and choose quality over quantity.
  • Don’t allow debt.
  • Consider what is ‘enough’ for you. I like to remind myself that I have enough sometimes when my mind is craving.
  • Meditate, do yoga, walk.
  • Eat simply – natural foods.
  • Take a day-off from media.
  • Give everything a place.
  • Stop multi-tasking.
  • Take an annual retreat – or three or four in my case!

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