The benefits of exercise

So, I know this already, but it doesn’t hurt to remind myself sometimes. Especially the impact that exercise has on other areas of my life – not just my physical health.

I remember when I was really ill nearly two years ago that my doctor told me I needed to do some form of exercise everyday to increase my metabolism and lose some of the weight the medication I’d been taking had caused me to gain. I was so desperate at the time that I followed her advice and was soon running, swimming and spinning as well as going to yoga and body combat.  I need to get back in that frame of mind. I have the time to exercise since I reduced my hours at work so I have no excuse. I just need to decide to do it and follow through.

  1. Improved ability to think – better impulse control, faster processing and better memory.
  2. Improved energy levels – increased feelings of energy and reduced feelings of fatigue.
  3. Improved physical function – improved sleep, strength, balance and agility.
  4. Protection from illness – including lifestyle diseases and boosted immunity.
  5. Improved well being – reduced stress and depression, improved self-esteem. Studies show a positive correlation between our mood and the amount of fruit and veg we eat. We also feel more life satisfaction on the days we exercise.
  6. Increased opportunities to socialise and have fun – cooking with friends, running group, gym classes.
  7. Increased self-discipline – willpower and self-control are like a muscle, the more you work it, the stronger it gets. Regular exercise is linked to improvements in other areas e.g. spending, studying and emotional control.
  8. Slowed ageing – improves appearance and protects against loss of muscle.

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