Following on my from my post about the Embercombe Experience Weekend, I want to share the list of things I wrote in my Gratitude Journal that weekend.

Since January I’ve got into the habit of keeping a notebook by my bed and jotting down a few things every night before I go to sleep. I’ve tried other ways of doing this in the past, even sharing with a friend over whataspp every evening – and whilst it was beautiful and nourishing to hear the things that made her heart sing, we weren’t very good at keeping it up!

Sometimes finding things to write in my notebook can feel hard, but there is always something to be grateful for and often once I start the list grows. I can also see how my mood has lifted recently as my list of things to be grateful for grows each day.

So here’s my list from last weekend:

  • The view
  • Full moon
  • Seeing the planets in the sky for the first timeĀ – Saturn, Jupiter and Mars
  • Staying in a yurt
  • Yummy wholesome food
  • Homemade bread and butter
  • Fresh mint tea
  • The animals – the sheep, lambs, chickens and horses
  • The beautiful scent from the rose bushes reminded me of making rose water perfume when I was a child
  • Remembering a beautiful soul who passed away suddenly last year
  • Father’s Day circle and listening to everyone’s reflections of fatherhood and masculinity
  • The dads and their boys
  • The children
  • Chats with the boys
  • Space to reflect on what’s important
  • Dessert – chocolate pudding, rhubarb and homemade yogurt